Surveillance private investigator, Robert G Hanrahan has extensive experience working with law firms and organizations in surveillance investigator services including employee surveillance, worker's comp surveillance, personal injury surveillance, theft surveillance, undercover investigations and more in the Illinois area. 

Worker's Comp and Personal Injury Surveillance

There are always a few who try to take advantage of the system for personal gain. They learn the details of the worker's comp system and exploit the areas that are in their best interest. What makes matters even worse is how information gets shared and the situation perpetuates even more. RGH Investigations offers the unique Worker's Comp service with highly skilled investigators who have the experience and knowledge for what people try to do. We'll gather the proof you need to know if they are truthful in their claim...or not and obtain video to submit proof.

Employee Surveillance

When you suspect an employee(s) of theft, illegal activities or inappropriate relationships we work to find the proof or evidence by using various employee surveillance techniques. Our specialized service offers experienced investigators that have the in-depth expertise to know where to look and how to proceed every step of the way to ensure protection of the company.

Undercover Investigations

Undercover investigations by private investigator, Robert G Hanrahan, provides employee surveillance operations for the workplace where fraud, sexual harassment, embezzlement, and drug use may be present. If you suspect wrongdoing by an employee or contractor, our team of private investigators are experienced and highly trained to blend in with your company culture, policies, procedures and workforce in order to uncover evidence to prove or disprove the claim that will hold up in court. We work with local law enforcement to ensure proper enforcement of local, state and federal laws and ordinances.

RGH Investigations utilizes a variety of private undercover investigation techniques including:

  • Witness interviews
  • High power viewing equipment
  • Drug discernment
  • Computer and Internet operation tracking
  • Other electronic equipment

Periodic undercover investigations is often used to gauge the health of the organization and to ensure a firm understanding of activities in key areas of the company. This can protect the company's intellectual property while preventing theft, fraud and stalking. Our private investigators can also assist when violation of non-compete is a threat as well as litigation support for your corporate team.

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